Revenge of the Jewdi – Recovered Edition

Z-Bar Bergstraße 2, Berlin

Since the show on 23/4/22 got a little... messed up due to COVID, this is a Recovered Edition of the show! From the comedian who brought you The Berlin Offensive and Schindler’s Fist show (yes, these are real shows) – Berlin based Israeli comedian Nir Gottleid comes back to Berlin, with over an hour of the most horrifying and

€12,00 – €15,00

The Revenge AT The Revenge of the Jewdi, Berlin, 23/4/22

Z-Bar Bergstraße 2, Berlin

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The headliner had a presumptive positive test for COVID, in the event that he can't make it - he will be replaced by a roster of equally talented comics. Sorry for the inconvenience! In the event that Nir is confirmed positive (or doesn't get a confirmed negative back in time) the show will

€10,00 – €8.364,00